"While content is still king,
it is the delivery that matters.''
Michael Solomonov | Head of Content, Genesis Media
Qwerty was born out of a demanding practical environment, which required fast-paced and efficient product, so we can declare it was built by editors for editors.
Qwerty team strongly believes that if a business gives customers what they want, its performance will skyrocket.
Qwerty is helping businesses around the globe to create, deliver and understand content that makes a change.
Introduction Qwerty CMS
Providing an easy-to-use platform for full cycle management of all the editorial processes
Key Advantages
Content and Ads Personalization
Multi-Channel Content Delivery
Page Builders
Automated Headline Generation
Advanced Editorial Analytics
Active User Retention
Integrated A/B Testing
We in Numbers
Qwerty is a fast digital asset management tool. Organise, find, edit and download all of your files quickly, easily and securely.
Head of Content in Genesis Media
Michael Solomonov
Qwerty is the flexible and user-friendly content management platform that lets you easily publish content across platforms.
Editor-in-Chief in Legit.ng
Bayo Olupohunda
Find work easily with dedicated and organized spaces, connect across teams, and integrate seamlessly with the Qwerty suite.
Head of Operations in Tuko.co.ke
Olga Shapovalova
Articles per Month
Visits per Month
100 M+
Registered Editors
Photos/videos Uploaded and Processed Monthly
Time on Page after Qwerty's Integration
Depth after Qwerty's Integration
In a world overwhelmed by data, seamless information delivery is the only way to fulfill a content's potential.
Why We Do What We Do?
Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.
Eric Schmidt, ex-CEO of Google
3000 BC
written record
Monks copy
books by hand
Vatican Library
(3500 Volumes)
First mechanical
QWERTY keyboard
was launched
2 billion websites
are in the Web
Qwerty helps publishers to overcome challenges they face in today's dynamic digitalised world.
How We Achieve it All?
Creating articles and page structure using page builders.

Users without any technical or design knowledge will publish rich-media brand-forming articles like a pro and be sure that content will be available at the right time.
Helping your team to get a one stream of internal communication that can be integrated with other information delivery channels.

Make your strategy transparent and aligned with your strengths.
Delivering a customized solution for workflow automation.

Stop time-consuming discussions: everything can be managed, decided and delivered within a single system.
Building a multi-channel content delivery process that does not require any huge efforts from your side.

Deliver relevant topics to particular readers or cohorts using the most suitable channels.
Using data-driven approach to identify strong side of your team and find some areas for improvement.

Make your team data driven and start creating content that matters for every segment of your audience.
Providing machine and human analytical solution that helps to measure your overall editorial results, as well as individual performance.

Monetization solution can boost your ad revenue through traditional ad solution as well as header bidding integration and ads personalization.
Local leaders in digital publishing from six emerging markets with combined population of 450 M+ people and the monthly audience of 30 M+.
Our Partners
Qwerty is the only easy-customizable media management platform that will help you resolve all the challenges a modern publisher may face.
What We Do?
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